A Thorn by Any Other Name

In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet:

“…a pair of star-crossed lovers take their life;
Whose misadventur’d piteous overthrows
Do with their death bury their parents’ strife
…which but their children’s end naught could remove.”

But what if their tragedy was all for nothing? “A Thorn by Any Other Name” follows those same two families up to the present day, under the idea that the feud never actually came to an end. It is not, however, simply a repetition of the original story. No longer is it strictly the lovers against their families. Among trusted friends there is betrayal. Among lovers there is hate. Within goodness, evil. And in revenge, pity. Whatever their differences, both stories put to test the ability of love to overcome rage, and question which lines loyalty should be allowed to cross.

Mr. Montague
Mrs. Montague
Mr. Capulet
Mrs. Capulet

Act I
From a graveyard we are drawn into the memory of a party, where one love is abandoned and another begun.

Scene 1 – Graveyard.
Overture, Opening Requiem
Scene 2- Ballroom
Scene 3- Rosaline’s Bedroom

Act 2
A forbidden romance destroys what it was meant to unify.

Scene 1 – Street outside of Church
Philosophy, Poor Girl, Sister
Scene 2 – Below Elizabeth’s Window
Scene 3 – Elizabeth’s Bedroom
Somewhere Reprise
Scene 4 – Outside Montague House

Act 3
Loyalty, fidelity, and friendship are tested under rising tension and pressure to choose sides.

Scene 1 – Mat’s Basement
Post-Traumatic Love, My Kind of Fun


Act 4
The old feud is matched against hatred in smaller circles. Suspicion and pride lead to tragedy.

Scene 1 – Street outside of Church
Scene 2 – Inside Church
Saint Rosy
Scene 3 – A Street

Act 5
Remorse realized, revenge taken.

Scene 1 – Mat’s Basement
Dreamer, Lullaby, Somewhere Reprise
Scene 2 – Graveyard
Requiem Reprise, St. Rosy/My Kind of Fun Reprise, Sister Reprise