After Ruby Jones

After Ruby Jones follows three dead men from their rude awakenings in the morgue of a lonely mortician, through the posh rooms of a grave robbing trio, and out on a search for the one girl who links their lives and deaths together. It explores “the simple necessity of human contact, of friendship or love, that overpowering thing in us that has to reach out and touch the world.” It is about what people can do to each other – and for each other – when they pause to look at each other in a newer way than usual.

Photo Gallery

Dr. Harold Harlow
Pons Wesley
Gilby Jones
Daniel Wycherley
Judith Harlow
Stewart Wycherley
Ruby Jones

Act I

Scene 1 – The Morgue.
Dignity, Dignity Reprise
Scene 2- Living room of the Morticians’ Wives Club
With Regards to Carmen Miranda
Scene 3- Guest bedroom in the Harlow house
Scene 4- The Morgue
Scene 5- Guest Bedroom
My Dear
Scene 6- The Morgue
Put it in a Box
Scene 7- Stewart’s bedroom
Scene 8- A street


Act II

Scene 1-Living room
Scene 2- The Theater
Scene 3 – Outside the theater
Scene 4 – A street
So Put Your Weapons Down
Scene 5 – The morgue
When I’m Dead
Scene 6 – The Theater
Ruby Unveiled, Human Reprise

Performance Selections