Resting Place

Watch the wild-natured child, raised by this community, stand up and speak its own voice.


A child raised by the town; discovered as a baby in the woods and adopted; feared for her connection to the wild.


Community member; lost her young daughters when they became lost in the woods; the search for them led to the discovery of baby Millie.

Vera May

Community member; as a child, showed similarities to Millie, but turned away from his love of nature/the wild after being punished for it by his parents.


Thatcher’s Mother


Oldest member of the community, greatly respected; childless; Millie’s unofficial guardian.


Community leader of Antigone


Hermits and social outcasts who live on the hill above town and shun society

Thomas & Marcus Marshall

A mysterious woman


A messenger


A woman who seems to appear in many of these shows.


A well-educated community member, the only one to have traveled the world; Taught Millie to read; forced into returning home permanently, sacrificing his way of life in order to be a teacher in Antigone


Act 1
Scene 1 – Village of Antigone
Funeral, Funeral Reprise
Scene 2 – Mother’s Home
Silence, The Fight
Scene 3 – The Graveyard
Scene 4 – Mother’s Home
Scene 5 – The Graveyard
Fear, Go Alone

Act 2
Scene 1 – Marshall’s House
Scene 2 – Village of Antigone
Scene 3 – Marshall’s House
The most I can be
Scene 4 – Village of Antigone
Bone-Dry Ground
Scene 5 – Marshall’s House
Prayer Reprise
Scene 6 – Graveyard
Who are we?

Performance Selections